7 mistakes to avoid on a Facebook page

Facebook just passed the 2 billion active users, and a good number of companies are present on the American social network. You are an entrepreneur or a brand and have not may not necessarily presence on Facebook (company page).

In practice, there is what he should do, and especially what not to do. Here are 7 mistakes to avoid on your Facebook page:

Zero goal, you don't have a clear vision

Objectives is a base, it is necessary that they be quantifiable and measurable. The result is a simpler analysis, good legibility and corrective actions easier to achieve.

You post too (10, 15, 20 times a day)

In this context most "professional", if you post too much you may spend for a spammer and it will be not constructive. Can be limited to 4 posts a day on a company page maxi. (2-4). Give the information of course, but distill instead of walnut.

You zap the visuals in publications

Enhance your publications with videos, graphics, images, it's a lot committing only a status text "alone". It's very basic, but a Visual draws your eye, it is a basic rule.

You do not have a sufficient reactivity

Respond to comments, it is also a basic rule. But in terms of timing, it is essential to respond quickly and not a week after. It is also a question of credibility for your business, you agree its image!

You post links without titles or hooks

If you do the curation of content (and this is also valid for your items to you) and post on your page, the grip is required. You have a low chance to create commitment, you generate no reactions if you insert a gross link without title or anything. Be creative, and call to action especially…

You have synced your Facebook page with your Twitter account

This isn't a good idea, why?

You share your tweets on Facebook. 2 networks are quite different in their form. The short posts on Twitter are not adequate to read, fans don't like messages full of hashtags. Opt for a tool for managing social media, you will have control of your automation and your editorial on each network.

You think that you are alone and you have no competitors

You have a service or a product, it's excellent, but be careful you are not all alone on the Web and on Facebook. That is why it is imperative to look at what the competition is doing. This set up a watch daily, in order to remain in the leaders. You also have the ability to monitor fans competing pages of yours.

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