RP digital and influencers: what are the benefits?

Regularly the subject of digital PR and their possible benefits, returns, both in our networks, and prospecting. Nothing new about PR, even if the marketing of influence gives them a second wind. Beyond promoting a brand, it's a way to identify the best relay and resonate the content, make a real notoriety (so sought). Finally what wants to know a brand or a company, it's so hiring a campaign PR and marketing of influence will also profits on SEO… In any impacts are multiple, but what are they and how does it work?

Influencers and digital PR benefits

The effects of the RP on SEO?

Google takes largely into account the reputation of a website or a blog. It is also of course the relevance and the quality of the content. Indeed are 2 things to remember so that you get a good position in search engines:

-Attractive content, with a story that will interest and emotion (type storytelling).
-Create inbound links from sites with authority, credible sources and which Google has confidence.

These criteria lead to a better positioning in the search engine results. More links (quality) will be many and more you will be hunting the negative in the results of Google results (if of course).

Links from important sites are very popular. But it is easier to develop social relationships with users of platforms like Facebook, Twitter to save the incoming link.
Sharing is essential, especially in creating content trend, PR can benefit by implementing forward SEO on social networks. This process can generate traffic to your site and will then contribute to the SEO.

And influencers in all this?

And all this leads to a more strict selection on your part. Indeed it will be essential to select bloggers and/or influencers according to various criteria, for example:

-Its rate of engagement that provide publications on social networks
-The level of confidence of users, and therefore opinions
-The size of its communities, it takes a minimum even if we talk about micro-influencers that generate more commitment than the macro-influencers most of the time.

The relationship in time with influencers, then, becomes more than paramount (re-read our article cultivate his relationship with influencers on the web)

After reading this article you'll certainly rethink to the influencers in your PR strategy (Finally we hope)…

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