Social media in the inbound marketing process

Social media have a preponderant share in a digital strategy. They are spaces of very interesting hearings, notably for virality and or companies have a strong interest to be present. A presence Yes, but then it takes a real strategy is a little bit harder. It of an important question to ask, is it wise to use social media in an inbound marketing strategy? The answer is positive, we will now see why.

Social media in the inbound marketing process

Konstanz organic publications and paid advertising to recruit of new fans/followers

It is a reality, and we have already spoken on this blog, consistency and regularity pay on social platforms. At first it comes to grow its communities. Then thanks to the social-type campaign ads (Facebook, Twitter etc…) it will be possible to turn new contacts into leads. Groups and communities are not to be overlooked either, these spaces allow to follow new contacts and to identify them quickly.

Relay blog social media content

Social media effectiveness recognized to activate the e-reputation of a brand, get the virality to generate qualified leads. Thereby making the active push very regularly will give an impact still more important to your marketing content and have a chance to get quality contacts.

Social media as support for relationship clients

Your social media are an extension of your site/blog and allow to be the heart of your communication. It is also a way of retaining your customers with useful information. It should be noted that more and more brands or businesses using social platforms for optimization of customer care.
You can then glean valuable information and refine your customer strategy over time. In addition it is a great way for future potential prospects to observe how you treat the commercial aspect. Attention must be responsive and have an impeccable management community!

Blogging, Content Marketing, Social media, relationship customer, E-Reputation, these aspects fit into account for a good strategy of inbound, think about it!

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