The influence of marketing on social media videos

Video content takes rather well off the ground, and becomes more and more obvious on the uses in happy marketing. Social networks also apparently take a nice part on the use of the video. But what is really? What is the influence of video marketing on social networks, in relation to the Act of purchase including?

Animoto, specialized in creating videos recently did a study on the videos within social networks and their uses. 1,000 consumers surveyed, and 500 marketers also, for this study.

The marketing and video

-84% of marketers have produced or even outsourced the production of a video in the last 12 months
-76.5% of the marketers and small businesses who have used the video say they have positive impact
-More than 60% of the marketing pros say they will strengthen their investment in videos

The use of video on the different social platforms (social media)

-Facebook has become the main platform for marketers in sharing and distribution of videos
-Videos were 8.4 times more impact on Facebook than on other social networks
-Youtube comes in second position, which is still used, but largely behind the American giant
-Instagram remains a strategic choice and use important for professionals (53.4% of marketers)

To complete 64% of consumers state that a video marketing on Facebook has influenced them recently. Video on networks is a formidable weapon sales and marketing. So in summary this infographic, Facebook is far ahead and Instagram Stories and Snapchat also partly dominate in this framework. We can see that Youtube which is always present has lost a lot of ground, in favor of a "social marketing" attitude well designed by Facebook. All this suggests trends and maybe a glimpse the main outline on the future of social and video marketing.

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