[Etude] Social Web: Jean-Louis David marketing inbound strategy

A mastery of communication via an image first centralized, then outward via relays dedicated and evenementialises with the advent of digital, is the key to the strategy first Jean-Louis David. With content that to are structured over time, the brand has climbed on the highest steps to be a key vector of trends with regard to the hairstyle.

The beginnings of Jean-Louis David: content for dissemination of know-how

Make the brand a reference, Yes, but no matter how. Jean-Louis David has specific ideas and control the entire chain of production to debut: the drawing of the salons in the photography, showcases all advertising marketing, the idea is to centralize the image of a know-how. To give it impact, it focuses on training via video training, to promote a single method on all his shows. Communication policy was therefore first assertion of expertise and its control in the group. With Provalliance in 2007 (merger with Franck Provost), the Group has to open a new dimension to its communication to power its network of more than 2000 points of sales. Supported by Publicis Council with a budget of over EUR 3 million, the brand is structured and attack its visibility all-out taking into account digital.

Increased visibility and a digital presence via premium Board

Increase the visibility of the group, particularly in the digital ecosystem, with mobile, quickly became a priority. With a redesign of the site in 2012 under WordPress, the site has a showcase where to find professional advice, interviews, and news about the hairstyle trends. This share, supported by a strong activity on social networks, sign a new approach: it aims continuous exposure to lovers of fashion and aesthetics in general, but also a recurrent reinsurance of its credibility in particular (expertise always in the wind). On the networks, it is also supported by a communication of trade shows in real time. The brand works so its positioning in order to feed his SEO, with his reputation on the line. Gradually, the brand expands its strategies through the expansion of its range of products and specific communication calls, enriched by a winded social strategy.

Blog expertise Jean Louis David: content

A social strategy driven by special operations

Whether it's the Cannes Film Festival or the NRJ Music Awards, Jean-Louis David implements digital devices dedicated to the key events to propagate his image. News trends, and make surfing the trend even, is a leitmotif maintained by new special operations for influential work: for 50 years for example in 2011, "my hairdresser and I" operation allowed, via a dedicated site, to apply to become a potential face of the next photo of the fall campaign shoot winter. It was enough to post a photo of his cup with his Jean-Louis David Barber from the site or via the application. This place 'star' given to the customer and makes the brand, has been very well received. Other operations in connection with the output product as "I quit to close", were able to be supported by some bloggers as Emilie Albertini, with videos to show their effectiveness. The segmentation of the campaigns is also to go: end of 2016 beginning 2017, the brand has chosen We Are Social to promote its new line of hair products. On 100% social, the campaign targeted here young women 16 to 24 around the challenge #HairFaceChallenge (game to see what YouTuber hides behind artistic hairstyles on Instagram): the opportunity for one of them is to be next to the 4 other ambassadors and influenceuses of the brand, here also a future face of the brand.

Hair Face Challenge - Jean Louis David on Instagram

A customer-centric branding

Beyond new products to the explicit wording (produced last cf "Detox me", "Carbohydrate me", "Fixed me" and "Recharge me") relayed by some YouTubers, brand builds so much on Instagram to value, as well as the bloggers in General. Product test is here associated with the increase of inbound links on the site, boosted by parallel partnerships with magazines or partners like Vogue, MylittleParis and l ' Oréal. Notoriety in continuous work, is still developing with the expansion of products, as with Niwelbeautystore for example: beyond other partners on ethnic cosmetics, work of branding works by creating trends, provided via a dedicated online magazine. Finally, éphémérisé with the 'bar to styles' hairstyle when crowns a well thought-out overall social strategy. Functioning as the principle of the eyebrow bar that may be encountered at Sephora, € 15 per 15 minutes, it meets the 'moments' where you may need to to (re) make a beauty quickly (unexpected invitation, special evening in perspective).

Beyond an initial course of creator which mind-blowing, the brand at the origin of the gradient remains today focused on communication where "everyone can be a star", and remains so fully "in the hair.

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