Establishing its plan on social media in 5 steps

You and your company before start you on the social media you need a battle plan. Absolutely a true plan, a real strategy, you'll understand we don't jump to the dark, saying we'll see. What are these steps upstream that are critical and that will determine the success of your digital strategist.

There are 5 steps to phase the different elements, these are the successive phases that should launch.

Establishing its plan on social media in 5 steps

(1) what are the objectives?

There can be various objectives relating to:

  • Sell products or services or develop new markets.
  • Create traffic to your blog or site.
  • Brand image and awareness.
  • Engagement with your subscribers,

(2) knowledge of its audience and its target

  • Your target is on which network? You need to know precisely on what platform actively participate to develop your market, action plans
  • And so where will you publish?
  • Do you know your targets and the interests of your audiences?

(3) determine its lighthouse with the guideline topic

  • What types of content are going to be published? What will be the format?
  • What will be the frequency of your publication, make also the tests at different times of the week,
  • It is important to vary the content and choose your topics of conversations with care. And especially to give useful information on your main expertise (and thus establish your expertise).

(4) define the different KPI (key indicators)

What will be the key indicators that can be used to measure and analyze the results?

  • The reach of publications (the scope),
  • The volume of publications,
  • The number of clicks,

There are others…

This is very important, otherwise it is not possible to measure the impact of your social media campaigns.

(5) measure and analyze results

  • It's at this moment that you will know if the objectives of course getting there put the right tools in place (Google Analytics, Sprout Social, SEM Rush… ). The interpretation of the results is done through reports. For example there is a real relevance to know where your audience arrives (social networks, search google…)

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