INFOGRAPHIC: How have a LinkedIn profile worthy of a CEO?

With 11 million members, in France and more than 450 million worldwide LinkedIn is the ideal platform to get noticed in the professional world, whether you are a student, employee, Executive or business leader.

Since the creation of his blog, LinkedIn broadcasts many studies and data to allow its readers to take full advantage of the potential of this network. Did you know that a CEO has averaged 930 relationships on the LinkedIn network?

If you are still away, this infographic is made for you!

Profile and content: two levers to stand

To be truly effective, a LinkedIn profile should exceed the role of simple CV online and must go beyond the essential information such as the photo, location and employment status can prove fatal for your visibility. In fact, 87% of recruiters seek to identify the personality of a candidate via his LinkedIn profile.

It is here that the 'Summary' part is its usefulness. 86% of recruiters also pay attention to the success and awards, too rarely put forward in France. Skills are also important. Those related to applications, to data and infrastructure are highly sought after, but if you don't work in this field, you can put forward your soft skills! The human and relational, qualities like communication and organization, are popular, and rarely displayed.

Another component of this study: the content. Each year LinkedIn unveils its Top Voices, the more influential members, and dissects their habits of publication of content. Their success apparently due three qualities: regularity, quality but also followed, since the Top Voices respond much more to the comments left on their articles.

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INFOGRAPHIC: How have a LinkedIn profile worthy of a CEO?

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