The first steps in a strategy of social selling

Social media allows to give visibility to the different activities in B2B and B2C, but further they can be even important levers for sale.

Find prospects, get in touch with them on social networks, it is what it is commonly called the "social selling". Indeed the work of sales today is evolving and strategy is somewhat of a basic roadmap to garner visibility simply.

But what are the thoughts to develop and identify the business on social platforms?

Training and setting up of the ecosystem

Is that what you and/or your business already have a presence on social media? It is relevant to assess their level on social media. Show the example with your profile if you are active, is the image of the company also that you put into play. Join them in this approach or even implement training with professionals of the trade if possible. It's a real implementation of your presence and digital marketing ecosystem.

Put efforts on a limited number of social platforms

2-3 networks are sufficient, it is not necessary to go further, it requires too much effort and this is time consuming. Remember that you don't have this channel here to exploit. Or are your prospects and partners (potential prescribers)? On what networks? It is on these areas to focus efforts. LinkedIn will really the quintessential network to identify prospects, with an application like the Navigator Sales. This app identifies prospects via criteria that you have integrated beforehand…

Set up a watch and social automation tools

Your company and its employees must have ease access to content to distribute in turn. This requires an implementation of an effective watch, in order to constitute a competition including listening. Of platforms and tools like Brandwatch, Talkwalker, Meltwater can really contribute, is called social listening. There is also a need to use automation like Sprout Social or Spokal social tools to optimize their time and simplify their animation (see our article social automation: what tools to increase productivity?)

Identify important KPIS

What are the key indicators to be defined, they will have a key role in your search for performance and so business. You cannot act without these KPI (like, volume of publications, impressions, clicks…) for your King, ask data black on white, once again the right tools are used (Sprout Social to detailed reports).

These are so the big first steps in a process of social selling, and that will allow you to more easily identify business opportunities. 1, 2, 3, 4 it is!

The first steps in a strategy of social selling

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