The steps to promote his blog (1/2)

We have seen over time, a lot of entrepreneurs are launching a blog and then feed it only occasionally. Worse, it is possible that they leave their site abandoned because they don't necessarily know how to highlight their articles. It is a pity to have a blog and get discouraged, sometimes then think "I can't seem to animate and publicize my blog posts, I'll stop"

Yet there are some ways to promote his blog, and some steps to go in the right direction.

A few tips to promote his blog:

  • The guest-blogging: writing an article for another blog or an outside blog author could write home are excellent ways to expand its visibility. Of course the quality and the content should be relevant, qualitative (like the one you send to influencers bloggers). At the same time you finally treat your digital PR.
  • Republish your content on social networks: reshare an article that you've written a week ago (without abusing). Publish at other times of the day or the week, readers are not necessarily connected always to the same hours, maybe some have not seen this post? In this way you can also broaden your audience.
  • Use a tool like it is a content curation tool, it does not have to share your vigil.  It's a great way to show your own tickets (at all) and thus increase your traffic eventually.
  • Call the influencers on the networks: mention influential bloggers in your publications on the media and social networks, this will give a little more to your content and they will carry more weight. You can also mention them subtle and smart in a blog post (if you know them and that this lends itself). Attention is not just that they share, this amounts especially at a real relevance of your ticket/article.
  • Think of Slideshare: as a trailer or a strip ad you create slides; excellent for the visibility of your blog.
  • Comments on other blogs: comment on your fellow blog posts or other, it's a bit like a group, a true place of Exchange. We invite you to do so, the exchanges are very interesting on blogs and allow to start a conversation. Naturally abide by the rules of propriety of the area concerned and stay in the "nails", this is going to be. Bring a new and interesting look that sharpen your sense of writing, you will get also more verbose for your own blog.

To illustrate our point here is a nice infographic of Plezi checklist for successful promotion of your blog articles

With these items you no longer want to give up your blog, but instead (and hopefully) to animate it and promote it on a daily basis. We will talk about other ways in a second article about promoting a blog on Social Media Optimization.


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