5 tips to optimize SMO

SEO is a method of SEO to work in any web marketing strategy, like the SEA, and of course also the SMO. SMO means Social Media Optimization (which is also the essence of this blog) is a set of techniques to bring readers on web site content, thanks to the promotion of these links by social media. (see our description SMO and SEO: what does it mean?)

These are some interesting methods to improve visibility and they are very complementary with the SEO (search engine optimization). These are two marketing levers which need to be carried out hand in hand.

Whether in terms of visibility or traffic acquisition there are a few tips to put in place by the undertakings in SMO:

Encourage the sharing of content

It's pretty basic but extremely effective! We are talking here about media sharing buttons, they must be readily available to share content, otherwise it will be very tedious to re-share them. It will result ultimately only very little sharing on social platforms (fewer in any case), so to meditate on…

Not to neglect the hashtags

Hashtags (the good ones) will encourage the listing of publications. So they increase the visibility of the latter and of Auditors, although exploit them increased chances of retweets, shares and property back on topics, trends etc… Use them well and optimize them to refer to our article manage its hashtags on social networks

Comment on social networks and participate

An important thing in the SMO strategy is to participate in conversations on social media via related topics in his specialty. On the one hand strengthens the company's expertise and on the other hand reputation suffers. Of course it is necessary to bring relevance, and credibility to your words.

We forget the Scoopit tool!

Scoopit is a platform of curation of content. Scoops (in topics) are very well referenced with the help comments and insight. More on social media sharing is realized very easily since Scoopit…

The UGC is an interesting technique to introduce to improve the SMO

The process of co-creation, is quite simple to get in tune, and it is always easier to think with its users to video content, images etc… It's called the User Generated Content, content is produced for example by visitors and/or users on community vocation as social spaces.

Social media are certainly effective, but must not be the only marketing levers, they are not enough in an overall strategy, the other levers must be operated.


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