7 steps to a successful inbound marketing strategy

In the sphere of marketing and the web we very often evokes the inbound marketing techniques, but that is what it is? Inbound marketing is so different from the outbound marketing, because it is to bring the customer/prospect toward you rather than the other way around. The content should be relevant and in line with the target in order to arouse the interest of the latter (and so offers).

The major steps, let's describe you and define its strategy of inbound in outline:

The implementation of the objectives

Your startup whatever it is is an important step. Pretty basic questions must be asked on paper:

  • What is the ROI expected for your strategy in terms of marketing?
  • What are the objectives of CA of your organization? (As precisely as possible).

Know and define its target

In order to know its target you create the personas, IE customer profiles. Who are they? What are their goals but also what are their needs? Why your customers would visit your site? Do not hesitate to give life to your persona, go to the bottom of things and create personal with photos, descriptive sheets…

Create its content strategy

Create a blog? Yes it will be the ideal tool to give the information to your future readers (and prospects). Now that you have identified your personas where it will be much easier to find your subjects. Find your editorial with the right tone and the right message to send.

It is necessary to define strategic and relevant to your website keywords to create visibility. In a few words it is to treat your SEO and create a good ranking on search engines. Work with great care the optimization of your future articles, clearly state the meta-descriptions, titles and think about your internal mesh (links to your previous articles for example to give the sense).

Social networks to generate traffic

Use social networks is essential to increase the traffic to your site, it is one of the keys in an inbound marketing strategy. Social platforms will help you promote the content and create engagement around a specific topic. The networks will give visibility and virality in your articles, if they are relayed to the good times. We recently talked about this aspect through our article the timing of publications on facebook and twitter

Automate actions social media to increase productivity

To save time, implement the right tools of automation. Explained you in the article the Social Automation, what tools to increase productivity? 

The call to action to transform traffic in prospect

The call to action, is a crucial process to turn visitors to your site into prospects. Create a landing pages with the Visual, a form, everything that will contribute to encourage your visitors to action. You can also generate interest via the contests for example or the subscription to a newsletter.

You're almost there, normally in your inbound plan, your goals will be met or not. You need to understand the process of purchases of your personas (that you have created previously). The goal is to have the confidence of your prospect and get him up to his final decision-making (sale).

7 steps to a successful inbound marketing strategy

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