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7 steps to a successful inbound marketing strategy

In the sphere of marketing and the web we very often evokes the inbound marketing techniques, but that is what it is? Inbound marketing is so different from the outbound marketing, because it is to bring the customer/prospect toward you rather than the other way around. The content should be relevant and in line with the target in order to arouse the interest of the latter (and so offers).

The major steps, let's describe you and define its strategy of inbound in outline:

The implementation of the objectives

Your startup whatever it is is an important step. Pretty basic questions must be asked on paper:

  • What is the ROI expected for your strategy in terms of marketing?
  • What are the objectives of CA of your organization? (As precisely as possible).

Know and define its target

In order to know its target you create the personas, IE customer profiles. Who are they? What are their goals but also what are their needs? Why your customers would visit your site? Do not hesitate to give life to your persona, go to the bottom of things and create personal with photos, descriptive sheets…

Create its content strategy

Create a blog? Yes it will be the ideal tool to give the information to your future readers (and prospects). Now that you have identified your personas where it will be much easier to find your subjects. Find your editorial with the right tone and the right message to send.

It is necessary to define strategic and relevant to your website keywords to create visibility. In a few words it is to treat your SEO and create a good ranking on search engines. Work with great care the optimization of your future articles, clearly state the meta-descriptions, titles and think about your internal mesh (links to your previous articles for example to give the sense).

Social networks to generate traffic

Use social networks is essential to increase the traffic to your site, it is one of the keys in an inbound marketing strategy. Social platforms will help you promote the content and create engagement around a specific topic. The networks will give visibility and virality in your articles, if they are relayed to the good times. We recently talked about this aspect through our article the timing of publications on facebook and twitter

Automate actions social media to increase productivity

To save time, implement the right tools of automation. Explained you in the article the Social Automation, what tools to increase productivity? 

The call to action to transform traffic in prospect

The call to action, is a crucial process to turn visitors to your site into prospects. Create a landing pages with the Visual, a form, everything that will contribute to encourage your visitors to action. You can also generate interest via the contests for example or the subscription to a newsletter.

You're almost there, normally in your inbound plan, your goals will be met or not. You need to understand the process of purchases of your personas (that you have created previously). The goal is to have the confidence of your prospect and get him up to his final decision-making (sale).

7 steps to a successful inbound marketing strategy

RDV LEW #1 morning conference content marketing with

RDV LEW 1 morning conference content marketing with Scoopit

"Content is king": the famous expression will be, more than ever, set in 2017. You want to get keys for you to invest and build an effective content strategy? Discover the first morning of the appointment LEW (Web Experts) with the intervention of Benoît Lamy Chapel, Head of sales and project Europe at

On the occasion of this breakfast you can learn more on the methodology, and the benefits of the tool happy director to accompany you. This Conference is designed to help businesses in their marketing and curation issues on a daily basis.

The first breakfast LEW conference will take place on Friday, March 31, 2017 at Lyon (limited to 30 participants)


9 h 00: reception & breakfast
9.30: Introduction by LEW (Anthony Rochand)
9 h 45: Intervention Benoît Lamy of the chapel Head of Sales Europe of

-Best practices a happy successful marketing
-Presentation of the tool content director

10 h 30: Questions and answers
11 H 00: end / Conclusion LEW

Registrations and reservations online exclusively on form WeezEvent (€15)

This conference will be filmed by our partner Prod Fiction (Emmanuel Pinto)

Bellona access plan:

Tram T1 Museum of Confluences / below of Pastor bridge / 100 m walk to the Museum of the confluence)

Establishing its plan on social media in 5 steps

You and your company before start you on the social media you need a battle plan. Absolutely a true plan, a real strategy, you'll understand we don't jump to the dark, saying we'll see. What are these steps upstream that are critical and that will determine the success of your digital strategist.

There are 5 steps to phase the different elements, these are the successive phases that should launch.

Establishing its plan on social media in 5 steps

(1) what are the objectives?

There can be various objectives relating to:

  • Sell products or services or develop new markets.
  • Create traffic to your blog or site.
  • Brand image and awareness.
  • Engagement with your subscribers,

(2) knowledge of its audience and its target

  • Your target is on which network? You need to know precisely on what platform actively participate to develop your market, action plans
  • And so where will you publish?
  • Do you know your targets and the interests of your audiences?

(3) determine its lighthouse with the guideline topic

  • What types of content are going to be published? What will be the format?
  • What will be the frequency of your publication, make also the tests at different times of the week,
  • It is important to vary the content and choose your topics of conversations with care. And especially to give useful information on your main expertise (and thus establish your expertise).

(4) define the different KPI (key indicators)

What will be the key indicators that can be used to measure and analyze the results?

  • The reach of publications (the scope),
  • The volume of publications,
  • The number of clicks,

There are others…

This is very important, otherwise it is not possible to measure the impact of your social media campaigns.

(5) measure and analyze results

  • It's at this moment that you will know if the objectives of course getting there put the right tools in place (Google Analytics, Sprout Social, SEM Rush… ). The interpretation of the results is done through reports. For example there is a real relevance to know where your audience arrives (social networks, search google…)

INFOGRAPHIC: How have a LinkedIn profile worthy of a CEO?

With 11 million members, in France and more than 450 million worldwide LinkedIn is the ideal platform to get noticed in the professional world, whether you are a student, employee, Executive or business leader.

Since the creation of his blog, LinkedIn broadcasts many studies and data to allow its readers to take full advantage of the potential of this network. Did you know that a CEO has averaged 930 relationships on the LinkedIn network?

If you are still away, this infographic is made for you!

Profile and content: two levers to stand

To be truly effective, a LinkedIn profile should exceed the role of simple CV online and must go beyond the essential information such as the photo, location and employment status can prove fatal for your visibility. In fact, 87% of recruiters seek to identify the personality of a candidate via his LinkedIn profile.

It is here that the 'Summary' part is its usefulness. 86% of recruiters also pay attention to the success and awards, too rarely put forward in France. Skills are also important. Those related to applications, to data and infrastructure are highly sought after, but if you don't work in this field, you can put forward your soft skills! The human and relational, qualities like communication and organization, are popular, and rarely displayed.

Another component of this study: the content. Each year LinkedIn unveils its Top Voices, the more influential members, and dissects their habits of publication of content. Their success apparently due three qualities: regularity, quality but also followed, since the Top Voices respond much more to the comments left on their articles.

So ready to give impetus to your LinkedIn profile? Find all strategic data in computer graphics by our friends at Iscomity Marketing

INFOGRAPHIC: How have a LinkedIn profile worthy of a CEO?

The first steps in a strategy of social selling

Social media allows to give visibility to the different activities in B2B and B2C, but further they can be even important levers for sale.

Find prospects, get in touch with them on social networks, it is what it is commonly called the "social selling". Indeed the work of sales today is evolving and strategy is somewhat of a basic roadmap to garner visibility simply.

But what are the thoughts to develop and identify the business on social platforms?

Training and setting up of the ecosystem

Is that what you and/or your business already have a presence on social media? It is relevant to assess their level on social media. Show the example with your profile if you are active, is the image of the company also that you put into play. Join them in this approach or even implement training with professionals of the trade if possible. It's a real implementation of your presence and digital marketing ecosystem.

Put efforts on a limited number of social platforms

2-3 networks are sufficient, it is not necessary to go further, it requires too much effort and this is time consuming. Remember that you don't have this channel here to exploit. Or are your prospects and partners (potential prescribers)? On what networks? It is on these areas to focus efforts. LinkedIn will really the quintessential network to identify prospects, with an application like the Navigator Sales. This app identifies prospects via criteria that you have integrated beforehand…

Set up a watch and social automation tools

Your company and its employees must have ease access to content to distribute in turn. This requires an implementation of an effective watch, in order to constitute a competition including listening. Of platforms and tools like Brandwatch, Talkwalker, Meltwater can really contribute, is called social listening. There is also a need to use automation like Sprout Social or Spokal social tools to optimize their time and simplify their animation (see our article social automation: what tools to increase productivity?)

Identify important KPIS

What are the key indicators to be defined, they will have a key role in your search for performance and so business. You cannot act without these KPI (like, volume of publications, impressions, clicks…) for your King, ask data black on white, once again the right tools are used (Sprout Social to detailed reports).

These are so the big first steps in a process of social selling, and that will allow you to more easily identify business opportunities. 1, 2, 3, 4 it is!

The first steps in a strategy of social selling